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Windscreen insurance can be a breeze

A chipped windscreen close up from the inside

There are hundreds of different parts that go into the assembly of the modern car, but the real unsung hero would  have to be the humble windscreen. This thin layer of sturdy glass shields us from the wind, the elements, insects and whatever else nature throws at us whilst driving. So when it comes time to consider your windscreen insurance, we would like to help out with a few essentials that you need to know.

How do cracked windscreens affect safety?

Even having a small crack can be dangerous, as the structural integrity of the glass is compromised once damaged. Depending on the extent of the damage, the crack can spread due to vibrations whilst driving. In extreme cases, a cracked windscreen may even shatter if struck with sufficient force. Cracks can also hinder the driver’s vision and in some vehicles, it may affect airbag deployment, making driving with a damaged windscreen more dangerous.

Why worry about windscreen insurance

Chips to windscreens can happen very easily and in many minor car accidents, the windscreen may be the only part of the car damaged. If you are not covered, you may be required to pay the full amount for repair or replacement.

Unfortunately, windscreens are fairly susceptible to damage over time and it is inevitable that damage will be sustained to a windscreen over an extended period of driving. Windscreen insurance offers the peace of mind, knowing that Koala Glass will work directly with your insurance company to get you back on the road without a worry.

Windscreen insurance and Koala Glass

Windscreen may seem like an added extra you can do without, particularly when you can be hit with other costs associated with getting your vehicle safely insured, registered and on the road. However, a damaged windscreen can be a major inconvenience, and in some cases can result in a police infringement notice if you are found to be operating your vehicle with a significantly damaged windscreen.

Koala Glass takes the hassle out of windscreen insurance by dealing directly with your insurance company to save you the trouble of lodging an insurance claim yourself when you are in need of repairs.

With speedy service and quality workmanship, we make windscreen replacement a hassle-free experience and get you back on the road safely without excessive delay.

Your windscreen insurance checklist

  • When evaluating windscreen insurance, ask your insurance company whether a windscreen claim will affect your no claims bonus
  • Check the policy for excess payments on repairs as well as replacements
  • Will the policy cover the rear windscreen as well?

If you need to repair or replace your windscreen in Newcastle or the Hunter, contact Koala Glass today.

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