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Reduce noise with double glazed windows


How many times have you been relaxing at home, enjoying the peace and quiet after a long day, only to be disturbed by outside noise?

Having outside noise creeping into your quiet time can be a real pet peeve for a lot of people, whether it’s traffic, a dog barking or your next door neighbour testing out his new drum kit.

Just when you think all hope (and sanity) is lost, think again! Double glazed windows are designed specifically to reduce exterior noise within the home.

How do they work?

Double glazed windows are essentially windows that use two panes of glass with a very small gap in between them, which is filled with either a vacuum, or pressurised gas. This creates a barrier that helps to absorb and reduce the amount of sound that enters your home


How much noise do they typically cut out?

This really depends on the thickness of both of the glass panels, the air gap between the panels, and the quality of sealing and installation.

Research has shown that using thicker panes, around 10mm, with a 12mm gap, will reduce noise by around 50% in your home

Are they harder to see out of?

No, generally speaking, the visibility from a double glazed window is no different from that of a regular window. Although, in some extreme weather conditions, condensation may occur on the inner surfaces of the panes, however this is typically less than a single pane of glass.

How can I get an idea of how much double glazed windows will cost?

To determine an accurate price range for your home, there are a lot of factors to consider, including how many windows you have, how big they are, and the level of noise you currently experience in your location.

The easiest way is to have chat with one of our glass experts. 

Contact us to discuss the installation of double glazed windows in Newcastle or the Hunter.

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