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Best types of shower screen glass


The shower screen glass you select can have a powerful impact on the overall look and feel of your bathroom. Here’s what you need to know about the best types of glass for your shower…

When it comes to your shower, not all glass is created equal. The Building Code of Australia sets out strict standards that apply to the type of shower screen glass that you can and cannot use.

Toughened, laminated or wired safety glass must be used in shower screens, with 4mm minimum thickness for glass used in partly-framed or framed showers and 6mm minimum thickness for glass used in frameless glass showers.

Beyond the safety standards, there’s also aesthetics to consider. Choosing between clear, tinted or frosted shower screen glass can transform the look and feel of your bathroom, or you can even go for glass bricks for a completely different design.

Here are five types of shower screen glass you should consider when designing your bathroom…

1. Toughened safety glass

Toughened safety glass significantly reduces the risk of injury in the bathroom. That’s because if it breaks, it’s designed to shatter into tiny pieces and thus avoid serious cuts caused by large fragments of sharp glass. It is created by heating it to a high temperature during the manufacturing process and is then allowed to cool. Toughened safety glass is often used in semi-frameless and frameless showers.

2. Laminated safety glass

Laminated safety glass is the most popular option for fully framed showers, but can’t be used in frameless designs. Like toughened safety glass, it’s manufactured to prevent breaking into large, sharp fragments when it shatters. It gains its strength from a PVC film that is sandwiched in the centre of the pane.

3. Wired safety glass

Wired safety glass tends to be used less in modern shower designs. Wire mesh is sandwiched between two layers of glass and then fused together. The idea is that if the glass is broken, the wire holds the shards together to prevent injury. The wire is visible through the glass, which tends to make it less desirable for more minimalist designs.

4. Clear, frosted or tinted glass

Once you’ve chosen between toughened, laminated or wired safety glass, you might consider using the glass clear or applying a frost or tint. Clear glass is easier to clean and helps to establish a modern, minimalist look, while frosted or tinted glass offers more privacy.

5. Glass bricks

Or you can go for a completely different look with a shower screen constructed from glass bricks. They tend to be more durable than sheet glass and also offer greater privacy than clear class options. While glass bricks can be more expensive, they can be easily customised to fit non-standard or unusual spaces.

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