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Best types of glass for doors


Doors are an important feature that help to set the style and aesthetics for the entire home. When deciding on what glass to use for your doors, you should consider a few key factors to help you make your decision including privacy, visual appeal, design consistency with existing doors or windows, energy efficiency, light and safety. If you would like a little inspiration, check out some of these stunning door designs.

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of glass commonly used in doors, and the benefits of these for your home.

Tints, Textures and Frosted Glass


Photo: Jean Marie Cleveland

Tints, textures and frosting add a unique point of difference to your home and can be used in doors to great effect. You can discover a range of different texture effects, with designs to suit any home. Tinted glass adds another dimension to your entrance and comes in a range of colours to match the door itself, or can be used to make your home stand out a little. Frosted glass can be used for the whole pane or just a section to add privacy whilst still allowing light, and the same technique can be applied using partial tints and textures.

Clear Glass

Clear glass panelling on doors largely depends on the layout of your property and whether privacy will be a major concern. If your home is set back from the street, clear glass doors can offer uninterrupted sunlight into the entrance of your home and offer a friendly, open feel from both the inside and out.

Double or Triple Glazing

If you live in a busy part of town or on a main road, you might want to look into double or even triple glazing on the glass in your doors. Glazing essentially creates an extra layer of thickness that is very effective in reducing the transmission of outside noise. You will also find that glazed windows are more energy efficient as they allow less to heat to pass through, keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Stained or Coloured Glass Panelling


Photo:  John Hardisty

Adding a coloured glass scheme to the entrance of your home can bring a splash of colour and vibrancy. By selecting a unique design  and tailoring the colours to your taste, stained glass helps bring out the character of the entire home. Usually a lead or iron framework is set into the door itself, and the surrounding coloured panes are added, producing a mosaic-like effect.

When deciding on a style of glass for a door, always consider what is going to be most important to you, and give some thought to how different types of glass will affect your home throughout different seasons.

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