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Tempered Glass vs Plate Glass: What’s the difference?

September 28, 2017
Green glass

If you were to look through a window made of either plate or tempered glass it’s unlikely you would be able to tell the difference with the naked eye. The main difference between the two types of glass comes from the manufacturing process. During the glass making process, the materials are heated in a specially… Read More

How is glass made?

September 12, 2017
Man working with hot glass

Glass is one of those things that has become such a regular feature of our everyday lives that we tend to take it for granted. In our homes, workplaces, cars, electronic equipment and appliances, glass has many applications. This blog will anser the question – How is glass made? You will have a better appreciation… Read More

Your glass glue repair guide

September 6, 2017
Broken piece of glass

Accidents happen. We get it. Kids, pets, overzealous vacuuming. All of these can end up causing minor accidents around the home. Whether you chalk it up to Murphy’s Law or good old fashioned fate, it feels like anything made of glass will mysteriously end up in the firing line more often than not. We know… Read More

5 beautiful glass shower door designs to light up your bathroom

August 24, 2017

As Australia’s love affair with all things renovating and DIY improvement continues, we are always looking to help and inspire where we can. According to Justin Lilburne from JPP Buyers Advocates, giving the bathroom some attention is one of the most effective ways to increase the overall value of your home. In many cases, you… Read More

5 glass splashback designs to inspire your new kitchen

August 22, 2017
Glass splashback in kitchen

If you are thinking about renovating or redesigning your kitchen, then you are probably searching for inspiration everywhere you go. With so many different choices available for your new glass splashback design, it can become a little overwhelming to keep up with the trends. Newcastle TV audiences regularly show plenty of love for renovation shows like… Read More

Best types of glass for a pool fence

August 17, 2017
Child swimming in pool underwater

If you are lucky enough to have a backyard pool, then you already know the sheer joy of being able to cool off in comfort on a hot day. Besides the aesthetic appeal it adds to your property, a pool is the perfect outdoor activity to enjoy friends and family. Pool designs that complement the… Read More

How to use glass tiles to take your kitchen design to the next level

August 14, 2017
Blue Glass

Our homes often feel like a sanctuary from the rest of the world. How many times have you been stuck at work, or been sitting in traffic and thinking about how nice it will be to put your feet up and relax at home? It’s in our nature as domestic creatures to take pride in… Read More

How to clean shower glass the right way

July 4, 2017

How many times have you looked at your shower and bathroom area and made the stern promise to yourself? “I will clean my shower glass today.” And how often do you stick to it? Like several household chores, the longer you leave it, the worse it becomes. So, let’s explore how you can quickly and… Read More

When to call an emergency glass repair specialist

June 30, 2017

Glass can be pretty dangerous stuff when it get’s damaged. Unfortunately, that’s the price we pay for enjoying crystal clear, transparent windows. When accidents do happen, it’s important to know what to do and when to arrange emergency glass repair to avoid further damage or injury. Older windows and frames are damaged Chances are, older… Read More

How to polish glass in 7 simple steps

June 30, 2017
rain on window

Polishing glass can be a tricky job. It’s one of life’s essential little chores that never seems to work out as we had hoped. Every little streak and smudge you leave behind is sure to get noticed. After all, glass sheets are usually some of the most eye-catching features of many homes “…Ahh, I think… Read More

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